About On The Go Pup

About Us…

I have been obsessed with animals from a very early age. I used to visit my uncles farm and help take care of all the horses. I loved every minute of it. From riding them to even doing the dirty work. I was always the first in the barn in the mornings. I've had turtles, frogs, fish, cats, dogs, birds, bunnies and guinea pigs.
I hope to own a farm one day with all kinds of animals. I would love to have minis…mini horses, mini pigs, mini goats, mini cows and mini donkey’s. 


I am a Mom of two boys and I wanted something that I could do around their activities & BMX. We are all animal lovers. Out of our full-blown obsession with animals, especially dogs, a business was born. 
On The Go Pup came about because we have two German Shepherds and are a very active family. We are always on the go and a dream was born to provide amazing pet products for active pets and their active owners. 

Our Mission...

Our dog boutique continues its commitment to provide a tail-wagging collection of products for the active dog and their owners. In time we want to design our own line of merchandise and open a brick and mortar store. Our dedicated team at On The Go Pup focuses on continuous improvement and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Ultimately, our hope is to rescue dogs, have them trained to be service dogs and donate them to children with special needs. 

A little about our pack...

Tonka is our black and tan German Shepherd boy born on 02.25.17. We drove 17 hours to Arkansas to get him and he was worth every minute! He is such a smart and sweet boy and protective of my boys. He basically bonded with them since they met and wherever the kids are Tonka is right there.
Fun fact about Tonka is he always sleeps on his back and has to have a fan blowing on him to sleep. It is the funniest thing ever!!

Titan is our white German Shepherd boy born on 09.11.17 has the same mom and dad as Tonka. Tonka being such a great dog I couldn’t pass up getting Titan. We got him at 4 weeks old and he sure does have a huge personality for such a little guy. 
Fun fact about Titan. Every single morning, he comes to me and wants me to pick him up and hold him like a baby and rub his belly. There is not a day that goes by that he doesn’t do this. Soon he will be too big for me to hold him.

We live on the beaches of Florida and their favorite activity is boating, swimming and running in the sand. 


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