All the Basics for your Pup

On the Go Pup wants to foster your dog’s independence while keeping him safe and well cared for. We have chosen to offer a variety of great pet accessories that will do just that.

Our collars are fun, colorful and are a must have for any size dog. Available in a variety of styles and colors to suit the personality of your four-legged friend, we know you’ll find the perfect collar for your precious pooch! We also offer matching or contrasting leashes and harnesses for the trendy and stylish pup and owner! Remember that some smaller dog breeds are more suited for a harness, so you’ll want to take into consideration the type of dog that you own and purchase the best device for that particular breed. We feature the popular Puppia fashion brand, so you know you’ll be receiving durably manufactured selections. 

When on the go with your pup, having the right bowl and feeder for your pooch is so important. Part of being a pet parent is making sure your pooch has plenty of nutritious food and water available to them no matter where you are. We offer many different feeding sets to accommodate your four legged friend. Our portable bowls can be used for food or water and are easy to take along, and our snack-duo is a lightweight way to carry food and water in the same container for your dog. 

Grooming is also something that you’ll need to consider when traveling with your pooch. On the Go Pup offers grooming centers that will make bath time fun and easy no matter where you are. And let’s not forget the importance of poop bags! Cleaning up after your pup is your responsibility as a pet parent, and we’ve made it stylish and easy with our waste bag dispensers. They’re easy to carry on your belt and can hold up to a roll of plastic disposal bags. Shop with us today for all the accessories needed for a comfortable journey for both you and your pet.

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Doggles dog goggles are designed to protect dog's eyes from the sun's harmful rays, flying debris,..


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