All Pups Need to Rest

Here at On the Go Pup we believe every pet should have a special place to sleep each night, to wake refreshed, and rejuvenated just like we do. We have put together a great collection of bedding so all of your pets can relax and sleep in comfort and security.

We offer dog beds for every size dog, from teacup to Lab. Available in a variety of colors and styles to mix or match with any type of room décor, you pooch will love his comfortable and soft bed. Or why not spoil your furry friend with a comfy blanket or outdoor mat.  Both can also be used in the car for a quick trip to the vet or added to the pet crate to help keep your pooch calm and feeling more secure while you’re away or travelling a longer distance.

Pet stairs are important for aged or injured dogs, aiding them in climbing onto the couch or bed. Make it easy for your trusted friend to snuggle with you each night. For outdoor pets, cots provide elevation to help pets stay above hot or damp surfaces for a more comfortable rest. Our cots are available in a variety of sizes so you can choose the perfect size for your breed. 

On the Go Pup invites you to also browse through our variety of tents and playpens that can be a comfortable resting spot or just a safe place for your dog to snuggle during a thunderstorm. Collapsible and easy to transport, any choice would be ideal for your next camping trip with your favorite pooch.

Treat your four legged friend to a comfy bedding to lay their head each day and they will reward you with their affection and love for years to come.