The best in Gear and Essentials for your Active Pup!

On the Go Pup offers a variety of outdoor pet gear and essentials that your active four legged friend shouldn’t be without. Whether you love to spend time hiking, boating or backpacking, you can bring along your pup, and provide the gear that will keep him safe and happy.

Dogs love to spend time on the trail, and with our collection of pet backpacks they can help carry their own small essentials. Our Everest Pet Backpack Features a waterproof interior and zipper to seal off any liquids plus the zippered pocket features room for any pet essentials. Our Mesh Pet Harness With Pouch is naturally waterproof, windproof, breathable and lightweight, plus it also features a velcro pouch on the back, so your pup will be comfortable and secure no matter how difficult the trail.

We also offer a line of booties to help protect your pooch’s paws from heat and cold. Many choices can be used outside to product from hot asphalt or inside to aid an aged or infirm dog. Many selections will pair well with one of our snowsuits for extreme cold climates. Our Helios Thunder-crackle Full-Body Waded-Plush Adjustable and 3M Reflective Dog Jacket is ideal for high-altitude mountaineering or any extreme cold weather activities. The fabric is lightweight, waterproof, windproof, snow proof, breathable, cold-repellent, impermeable and tear resistant. It has been designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions possible, so you can feel confident in taking your pooch along with you wherever you go.

For warm weather and boating dog lovers, On the Go Pup offers a selection of life vests that will help keep your dog safe in the water. Not all breeds love the water, and many cannot swim at all. Breeds with low body fat like Doberman pinschers and boxers can have trouble in the water. Older dogs may tire easily and breeds prone to hip dysplasia may have difficulty swimming. Hypothermia can be a threat to some breeds of dogs when they are exposed to cold water. Why take the chance with your precious pooch? It’s easy to ensure their safety while on or in the water with a life vest