Toys keep pups active and healthy!

All pets love their toys, and On the Go Pup is proud to offer pet toys that will keep your pet active for hours. 

We offer a large variety of toys for the dog of the house. Our classic favorite chew toys features many different colorful shapes that will keep you dog busy for hours both indoors and outside. Fetch and tug toys such as our Bark-Active Neoprene Mesh Flotation Bone Fetch Dog Toy are a great way to interact with your dog. This toy is completely waterproof and floats in the water making it great for beach and water play. Not only will your dog love it, but you will too. Plus you’ll both get the exercise that you need!

On the Go Pup invites you to be sure you are choosing the right toy for your pup. We feel that dog toys should be fun, durable, and most of all, safe. Very hard rubber dog toys are great for high energy pets. We offer them in a variety of shapes and colors that are fun for chewing and for carrying around. Rope toys are always big hits with dogs that like to play fetch. Browse through our selection of Toy Sets for themed toys that will have your pup jumping for joy!

Get the most out of your dog toys by rotating weekly; making only four or five toys available at a time. Keep a variety of types easily accessible. If your dog has a huge favorite, like a soft “baby,” you should probably leave it out all the time, or risk the wrath of your dog!

Provide toys that offer a variety of uses – at least one toy to carry, one to roll and one to “baby.” Making an interactive game out of finding toys is a good rainy-day activity for you and your pup, using up energy without the need for a lot of space. 

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4 Piece Hunter Camouflage Themed Pet Toy Set - Camouflage

 Pet Toy Set   On the Go Pup’s Camouflage "Hunter" themed Pet Toy Gift Set come..


4 Piece Tennis Pet Toy Set - Red, White, Green

Tennis Pet Toy Set   The Red, White, and Green 4 piece 'Holiday' Gift Set offered by On t..


6 Piece Sports Themed Pet Toy Set - Black, White, Brown, Red, Yellow

Sports Themed Dog Toy Set   The "Sports" themed Pet Toy Gift Set comes with 1 Tennis Ball..


8 Piece Backpack Pet Toy Set - Red, Blue, White, Yellow

 Backpack Toy Set   On the Go Pup’s Multi-Colored Backpack Pet Toy Gift Set com..


8 Piece Duffel Bag Pet Toy Set - More Colors

 Duffel Bag Pet Toy Set   The adorable Blue Themed PVC Duffle Bag Pet Toy Gift ..


8 Piece Soccer Themed Pet Toy Set - Black & White

Themed Pet Toy Set   The Black and White "Soccer" themed Pet Toy Gift Set comes with 1 Te..


Active-Fetch Nylon Floatation Yank-N-Tug Chew-Tough Dog Toy - Purple, Blue

 Yank-N-Tug Chew ToyThe Active Fetch Yank-N-Tug Waterproof Nylon Dog Toy offered by On the Go ..


Active-Fetch Nylon Flotation Bone Chew-Tough Dog Toy - Purple, Blue

Floatation Bone Chew   The Active Fetch Bone Waterproof Nylon Dog Toy offered by On the G..


Active-Life Extreme Neoprene Floatation Tug-N-Pull Chew-Tough Dog Toy - Red, Black

 Floatation Tug-N-Pull Dog ToyThe Active Life Extreme Neoprene Waterproof Dog Toy floats in the..


Active-Life Extreme Neoprene Flotation Frisbee Chew-Tough Dog Toy - Red, Black

 Floatation Frisbee    On the Go Pup presents the Active Life Extreme ..


Bark-Active Neoprene Mesh Flotation Ball Fetch Dog Toy - Yellow, Grey

 Fetch Dog ToyOn the Go Pup thinks that the Bark-Active Flotation Dog Toy is perfect ..


Bark-Active Neoprene Mesh Flotation Bone Fetch Dog Toy - Yellow, Green

 Bone Fetch Dog ToyThe Bark-Active Flotation Dog Toy offered by On the Go Pup  for a..


Big Sky Puppy Smoke

Puppy Shaped ToyDogs are pack animals so add this super cute puppy shaped dog toy offered by On the..


Big Sky Puppy Storm Blue

Puppy Shaped Toy Get ready for a pup-grade with On the Go Pup’s Big Sky Puppy Storm Blue!Dogs ..


Big Sky Teddy Coffee Bean

Un-bearably cute canine fun!Dogs will love cuddling this tough yet tender teddy bear shaped dog toy...